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If you require a locker for 2017 please complete this form and pay $25.00 online by Visa or MasterCard.

If your daughter is new to the school and does not yet have an ID number simply put 1234 in the ID number box when purchasing. Atawhai group can be left blank if it is not known.

Please note if you wish to use another brand of credit card or pay by eftpos, cash or cheque then you will need to download and print the 2017 Locker Contract, complete the form and submit the application to the School Office.

Conditions of Locker Contract:

  • I agree to keep my allocated locker clean, to remove the contents of the locker at year end and to return the key prior to my final day of attendance in 2017.
  • I understand that in exceptional circumstances the school retains the right to open this locker without notifying me.
  • I agree to pay $25.00 by Visa or MasterCard, $20.00 for the hireage of the locker and $5.00 as a key deposit.
  • If you are allocated a locker without a key (MJ Yard and RE Block) then you can provide your own padlock and we will refund your $5.00 key deposit on allocation.
  • I understand that if I do not return the key when required I will forfeit my $5.00 key deposit.
  • The school takes no responsibility for any loss or theft of items from student’s lockers.

 Please note: If your requested locker location is not available you will be allocated one elsewhere.


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