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Football Newsletter

Year 9-13

The season runs Terms 2 - 3 

Trials: Mid Term 1 

Competition: Starts Term 2, Wednesday 4pm at various North Harbour venues 

Winter Tournament: NZSS Championships in September 

Uniform: Carmel College Football uniform on loan and black socks 

Costs: $60 for the season 

Year 7 & 8

Zone Day: Term 2 30th May, saver day 1st June at Ashley Park 

Trials: Lunchtime on school fields, late Term 1/early Term 2 

Training: Lunchtime on school fields, starts 4-5 weeks before zone day 

Uniform: Carmel College P.E gear, football boots and compulsory 

shin pads. A shirt will be loaned for the day.