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Welcome to Sport at Carmel College

Carmel College is privileged to have many talented young sports women across all year levels and a variety of sports. We aim to continue to develop their skills and knowledge through providing high quality coaches who encourage an environment where winning games is accomplished through a strong team culture based on the special character of our school.

There are currently over 20 sporting codes available across a range of different grades.  Regardless of whether your goal is to win, learn new skills, make friends or just have fun – all or four – there is definitely something for you. The Sports and P.E. Department, teachers in charge, coaches, team managers, the Heads of Sport and Sports Council all devote time, energy and expertise to ensure that you have many exciting options.

We hope that you all will take advantage of the many opportunities that our sports and physical recreation programme provides and we look forward to seeing you all on the sports fields in whatever areas you chose to become involved in.

If you are interested in being involved in a sport in 2018 please click HERE for Sport Enrolment form

For further sports information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Sports Director or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Sports Administrator

Please click for further information below;

Carmel College Sport Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Sports Enhancement Programme 2018

Coaching Application Form

Player & Parent/Spectator Codes of Conduct 

Year 7 & 8 Sports Booklet 

Year 9-13 Sports Booklet

Mercy Cup

Each year Carmel College Year 10 students and some Year 9 participate in the Mercy Cup. This is a tournament between St Mary’s College, McAuley High School and Carmel College in Netball, Basketball and Football. This year St Mary’s will be hosting this event on the 12 August. The competing netball team is 10/1, the basketball team is created from players from U17 & U15 and the Football team is comprised of Year 9 and 10 players who trialed at the start of the football season.

Coaches and Managers

We are always in need of coaches and managers. Coaching support is provided before and during the season should you wish it. Teams are not possible if we do not have adult help. Please contact us if you can help in any way.

Event Organisation

School events and school competitions are to be organized 2 months prior if applicable.  3-4 months for school National competitions.  We need ample time to organize as letters need to be sent to the board of Trustees by the Sports Department. RAMS and EOTC (safety forms) are required by Senior Management 4 weeks before hand.

There are a number of sports we do not offer at school but we are more than happy to help students enter into various competitions, as a representative of Carmel. Any out of school events, where the student is not representing Carmel, i.e., club competitions or Nationals, need to be organised by parents and rung into school. This is ‘self-interest’ leave.

Sporting Achievements

During the course of the year there are a number of occasions where the school recognises the sporting achievements of its students. The Sports and PE departments generally hear of such successes but there are some girls who reach representative status outside of the school's domain, particularly in minor codes, which we don't know about. It would be great if you let us know about significant achievements.

Sports Awards 2016

Supreme Awards  
Senior Sportswoman of the Year Grace Platt
Junior Sportswoman of the Year Tayla Dalton
Y7/8 Sportswoman of the Year Grace Stephen
Outstanding Commitment to Sport Shannon Hughes
Outstanding Sporting Achievement Ashleigh Emery
Service to Sport Talia Wall
The Going Cup Megan Cox
Sports Council Award Jamielee Rogers & Helena Cocker-Valu
Junior Athletics Champion Maria Carbonell-Ganet          
Intermediate Athletics Champion Millie Simpson
Senior Athletics Champion Paige Mackie
Outstanding Badminton Player Claudia Tjandra
Most Improved Badminton Player Nicole Ye
Outstanding Basketball Player Tayla Dalton
Most Improved Basketball Player Millie Simpson
Best Team Player Estelle Davidson
Outstanding Football Player Olivia Brewster
Most Promising Football Player Sophie Morrison
Most Improved Football Player Amelia Lythe
Outstanding Hockey Player Marijke McGoon
Most Valuable Hockey Player Paige Mackie
Most Improved Hockey Player Elizabeth Timings
Outstanding Hockey Goalkeeping Colette Hay
Senior Judoka Award Jurlina Carroll
Junior Judoka Award Ashling Shand
Karateka of the Year Emily Brendel
Outstanding Senior Netball Player Helena Cocker-Valu
Outstanding Junior Netball player Tayla Dalton            
Outstanding Y7/8 Netball player Grace Buxton
Best Team Player Alex Roa
Netball Coaching Award Jazmin Pirie
Best Senior Shooter Junitta Moa
Best Junior Shooter Grace Buxton
Umpiring Cup Anna Marsden
Most Improvement Shown in Season for Umpiring Sherrice Imbo
Outstanding Committment to Rowing Gabrielle Mackisack
Most Committed Rowing Member Anna Wright
Snow Sports  
The Simpson Trophy for Snow Sports Grace PLatt
Junior Swimming Champion Katie Theron
Intermediate Swimming Champion Andie Quirke
Senior Swimming Champion Saccha McCormack-Goeth
Open Swimming Champion Saccha McKormack-Goeth  
Touch Rugby  
Team Player Award Junitta Moa
Most Improved Player Macie Stewart
Outstanding Touch Player heather Lock
Tennis Champion Anna Marsden


Most Valuable Volleyball Player Gabriella Slight


Outstanding Water Polo Player Shannon Seedall
Outstanding Junior Water Polo Player Maxine Stoute
Best Senior Defensive Player Shannon Hughes